Common Repairs on the 3rd Generation Range Rover

The 3rd Generation Range Rover (L322), produced from 2002-2012, is a British SUV created and offered by Land Rover. This luxury off-road vehicle was assembled in Solihill, England, and this foreign import, available in 5-speed, 6-speed, and 8-speed automatic transmissions, was admired for its working abilities paired with its sophisticated body style. Like any vehicle, however, it is not uncommon to experience a few problems.

Automatic Transmission Failure: If your L322 struggles to shift gears, prattles while in motion, and/or showcases dashboard faults, your transmission might be failing. Catching these problems early can result in significant savings.

Suspension Knocking: Drivers have complained of a clunking sound when they driver over a rut or bump. The problem could be within a variety of systems or parts, such as the anti roll bar link or shock absorbers, among many others.

Windshield Wiper Issues: Failing windshield wipers are a serious safety concern, and they should always be investigated in a timely manner. Moreover, these issues could indicate a larger electrical or leakage problem.

Buzzing Noises: Unless a mechanic specializes in your make and model, these sounds can be difficult to pinpoint. In the L322, one common trouble area is the point of contact between the windshield and scuttle panel.

Door Handle Failure: If your vehicle’s door fails to open and there is no resistance in the handle, it is likely that the malfunction is a broken or displaced cable. However, without the proper tools and experience, it is easy to damage your door and other surrounding parts while trying to access the inside of the panel.

For efficient, effective, and affordable advice, contact a nearby Range Rover service center. These dealership alternatives will be thrilled to readily share their knowledge and expertise, and to help you return your 3rd Generation Range Rover to tiptop shape.

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