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210 Gale Lane,
Kennett Square, PA 19348 US
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We are an independently owned service and repair facility specializing in the repair and restoration of all Land Rover models. We serve Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties and are located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Palita's Automotive has over 15 years of Land Rover experience with factory trained technicians as well as Land Rover specific testing and diagnostic equipment.

2 Reviews

  • Paulo Delgado
    Paulo Delgado10 months ago

    Shady experience from the beginning. I brought my vehicle in that was smoking and smelled like fuel. It was diagnosed as a fuel injection issue, BUT we need to fix that to see if other things are wrong. Of course there were other things wrong per Rob. The timing change needs replaced and the supercharger head, that will be another $6k per Rob. Oh by the way John is willing to offer you $6k for the vehicle if you’d like. Hmmmm yeah ok but it’s worth $17k at worst condition, and it is much better than fair and possibly good after the repairs. Yeah I’ll pass on that Rob and John. My Wife goes and pays and Miguel their mechanic mentions to her that he replaced 4 . injectors on one side and 1 on the other, but yeah I was told all 8 would be replaced, Hmmm yeah I paid for all 8. I pick it up and the check engine light is still on, and NOW I hear a squeaking noise everytime I hit a bump. I honestly feel that these guys did other things to force repairs, Rob kept mentioning that John’s $6k offer was still firm, yeah of course keep low balling!!! Also Rob said hey you’ll want to take that straight to the dealer to trade it in, I mean like drive it straight there. Of course I do if you jacked it all up for immediate repair. Don’t trust these guys take your Landrover to a Dealer Service shop. Oh by the way they left the engine cover off, the battery cover was off, and the battery was dead. They even told my Wife my battery needed to be replaced it was no good. Guess what I jumped the battery and it charged right up and starts fine with no issues. Maybe they didn’t know it was just replaced in 2017, but yeah continue with your attempts to suck money out of people. Don’t trust this place they are shady and will make every attempt to suck money out of you. Now I have to find out everything that they did to my car to make it “heavy repairs” ready. What a bunch of Mickey Mouse mechanics! Terrible stay away!

    2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged
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  • Tom Luhr
    Tom Luhr4 years ago

    Drove up to John Palita's shop in Kennett Sq. Ask John if he could check out a blower motor problem for my AC. Took him 20 min and he id'ed the problem. Ordered the part and put a used part in temporarily to get me up and running. Great service, knowledgeable and easy to work with as well as reasonable price. Lot better than the dealer. I will be back for more service for sure.

    2007 Land Rover LR3
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