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Knoxville, TN 37919 US
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Steve and Claire Gillespie opened Gillespie Import Service July 12th, 1999. Steve worked for Harper Porsche/Audi/Jaguar throughout the 80's until 1991, and Honda from 1991 until 1999. Originally the plan was for the shop to be import exclusive considering Steve's background, but after opening, soon realized that many BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc. owners also owned domestic vehicles, the plan changed. Currently, we have a factory trained BMW master technician, and a factory trained Mercedes Master technician on staff, along with Steve himself being ASE certified, and ASE certified Service Consultants. Our technicians use the latest in computer technology and software. In most cases, a customer can have their vehicle in, diagnosed, repaired, and be on the road again within two days time. So, for repairs, manufacturer recommend maintenance, or even detailing, Gillespie Imports can get the job done.

1 Review

  • matt4 years ago

    took truck to them twice. 1st time offered my wife a 10 % discount for being a teacher. Then Claire called and said they could not honor the discount because they were not making any money off the transaction? So, I called and asked about the situation? They sent an envelope home with 20 dollars in it. And a card for a free oil change.

    Fast forward, to the second time. I took same truck in to have new brakes put on and tighten emergency brake. They called and said they needed to put new e-brake shoes on. I actually declined it but when my wife went to pick up car they had done it anyway. I said whatever and told her to go ahead and pay the over 600 dollars to fix it, as the e-brake needed to be fixed. When I got home from work I tested e-brake and guess what? not a bit of difference. Now I am a little hot. Take the truck back in and they learn that they do not know how to fix it. They refunded half of the money. On my way home from their shop, I am following my wife and notice that the back 3rd brake light is busted. We call and Tonya said they would order the piece and have it there monday. called tuesday and nothing. called the following friday and they say they will not fix. Get this, Steve Gillespie actually told me he did not do it and if it happened on his property after hours or on his lot that they are not responsible and to file an insurance claim. Lesson learned, if anyone else takes their cars there keep in mind Steve Gillespie is not responsible for your cars if they or someone tears them up while he has them.... BEWARE. btw, I now have three free oil changes from them someone else can now have. I will never give them money again!!!

    2006 Land Rover range rover
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