Common Repairs on the 1st Generation Range Rover Evoque

The First Generation Range Rover Evoque, introduced in 2011 and produced until 2018, is a compact luxury SUV that made a significant impact on the automotive market with its stylish and urban-focused design. It is renowned for its distinctive coupe-like silhouette, premium interior and a range of advanced technology features. The Evoque aimed to blend the rugged capability of the Range Rover brand with a more compact and city-friendly size. Common problems with the 1st generation include:

Engine Oil Leaks: The 1st generation Evoque is known to have engine oil leaks. Generally this is due to faulty gaskets or seals and can be easily repaired.

Electrical Problems: Problems ranging from infotainment system glitches to power windows becoming stuck to electrical shorts plague the owners of the Evoque.

Suspension Issues: Because of the extensive off-road use with the Evoque, reports of premature wear/tear of the shock absorbers, control arms and other suspension components have been reported by owners.

Flywheel Damage: If your 1st gen has start/stop technology and you notice your clutch pedal vibrating, it may be that the flywheel has worn or is damaged.

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