3rd Generation Range Rover Buzzing Noises

The Range Rover (L322) is a 3rd generation Land Rover. This foreign import was produced from 2002-2012 and is perhaps most famous for its sharing of systems with the E38 and E39 BMW vehicles. Despite this SUV’s advanced technology, such as tri-zone climate controls, wireless mobile link, and multi-way power seats, this British auto, like any make and model, is known for a few common shortcomings, as some of the vehicles demonstrate buzzing noises.

Typically, these sounds seem to originate beneath the windshield, and they usually occur when driving over fifty miles per hour and worsen with acceleration. Many owners have reported that these noises begin after their L322 has been converted to a different fuel source.

A small handful of drivers have reported that slapping the dash temporarily stops the noise, but more often than not this changes nothing and, if the sound does stop, it is only for a brief period of time. The failure might be within the wipers themselves, but oftentimes the problem area is the contact point between the scuttle panel and the windshield. Typically, the area needs to be resealed with a professional-quality sealant.

Of course, unusual vehicle sounds can indicate a variety of problems, some of which are potentially quite dangerous, and, therefore, diagnosis and repair of such concerns are jobs for an experts like independent Land Rover mechanics. These professionals are the ideal dealership alternative, as they will be knowledgeable about the 3rd Generation Range Rover’s most common issues and how to fix them. They will also be aware of recalls and warranties.

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