4th Generation Range Rover Digital Instrument Cluster Blackout

In the realm of luxury sport utility vehicles, the Range Rover L405 is unmatched for its style and versatility. The 4th Generation Range Rover is yet another testament to Land Rover’s commitment to stylishly beautiful, rugged luxury vehicles. These SUV’s have a number of safety monitoring systems, as well as every electronic luxury known to man. However, these electronic accessories and systems often cause headaches for Range Rover owners.

The digital instrument cluster on the dashboard of some 4th Generation Range Rovers may suddenly go black whiling driving. Though the vehicle continues to function, no display is present so the driver is left to guess his or her speed and the status of the engine. This may also accompany a dimmer of the headlights and a loss of power to other onboard systems. The problem may correct itself in a few seconds, or it may persist until the vehicle is turned off. Strange error messages may be stored in the vehicle’s computer when the engine is started again.

The battery in 2012 and 2013 4th Generation Range Rovers were often defective, as it could not support several systems at once. The dimming or blacking out of digital displays was a failsafe by the manufacturer to conserve power until the vehicle could be stopped. Or the loss of the digital instrument display may be part of a larger electrical issue in the vehicle’s onboard computer. Only a professional will be able to properly diagnose the cause of this problem.

The certified technicians at your local independent Land Rover service center have the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose electrical issues or any other problems you may be experiencing with your 4th Generation Range Rover. They can quickly and easily return your vehicle to top form, without all the hassle of a dealership.

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