4th Generation Range Rover Door Latch Mechanism Failure

The 4th Generation Range Rover L405, manufactured by British automaker Land Rover, is a full-size SUV with all the creature comforts of a luxury vehicle. The Range Rover sports all of the amenities you expect, in addition to four-wheel drive. This combination produces a vehicle that suits a wide variety of tastes and needs. The Range Rover is definitely a head-turner, as it should be considering the sticker price. As stylish as these vehicles are, they do have some known issues.

Frequently, 4th Generation Range Rover owners experience problems with their door latch mechanisms. The door latch will cease to function and either leave the owner stuck in the car with the option of exiting through another door, or forced to hold the door shut on the way home. This may be dangerous if the door latch that fails is on the driver’s side. Typically, the cause of the issue is a fault code in the vehicle’s computer that indicates that the door is not shut. This most often occurs on vehicles that have the soft close door option. There could be other causes, so see a professional to diagnose it properly.

The repair for this issue involves clearing any fault codes out of the central computer and then addressing the faulty mechanism whether it is a bad sensor or the door latch mechanism itself. Because these repairs are time consuming and require specialized equipment, we recommend that you take your Range Rover to a professional if you are experiencing this issue. This is not a typical do-it-yourself repair, as it requires special knowledge and experience.

The helpful mechanics at your local import service center will examine your 4th Generation Range Rover and repair it properly. This is not necessarily a dangerous issue, but still one that you should leave to the professionals.

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