Land Rover Defender Gearbox Problems

The Land Rover Defender, which has been in the United States from 1993 – present, is a British off-road utility vehicle. This make and model is praised for its ability to tow extremely heavy loads and also maintain highway speeds, even on inclines. Despite the impressive functionality of this British import, the Defender, like any vehicle, is known for a few common issues such as gearbox problems.

Some drivers have complained of a crunching sensation when shifting into second gear from first. Severe weather, hot or cold, worsens the issue in some of these vehicles, but some owners have stated that the problem presents itself regardless of the temperature.

To prevent or improve these gearbox malfunctions, owners should use the oil that is specified for their vehicle. This will help to ensure that the synchro process occurs as it should, as the wrong oil can cause or worsen the crunch by removing necessary friction. Some owners claim that switching to the proper oil seems to make no difference, but it can take quite some time and many miles for the correct oil to do its job and remove unwanted deposits.

Don’t play the guessing game, and instead call your nearby import auto garage. More specifically, independent technicians will be able to offer specialized yet cost-effective solutions. They will already be aware of your off-road vehicle’s most common issues, and they will be practiced in the best repairs. These professionals are an appropriate dealership alternative, and they will be happy to work hard for you and your Land Rover Defender.

Search for a local, independent Land Rover repair shop with Land Rover mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.