Land Rover Discovery 4 Intermittent Normal Height Only Suspension Fault

The Land Rover Discovery is a classic Land Rover model that was first introduced in 1989 as an off-road, mid-size, luxury SUV. The 4th generation Discovery, released in 2009, builds off an identical body structure as the 3rd generation, but features many mechanical changes that exponentially increase the automobiles power. Some owners experience an intermittent “Normal Height Only” suspension fault.

So that it can more effectively drive off road, the Discovery features a suspension system that can be adjusted from within the cab of the car. Any malfunction within the suspension system that affects the ability of the driver to adjust the height will result in a fault light illuminating that says, “Normal Height Only.” Owners who experience this problem say that the lights on the adjustment switch will go dim and that they can’t adjust the height in any way whatsoever. Oddly enough, they say that if they turn their car off and try again the compressor seems to function perfectly. At least, for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, there is no one definite solution to the problem. On the one hand, a faulty suspension system message could be the result of a bad sensor. The sensor is the part of the car that tells the computer whether or not a certain function can be performed, and if it goes south, then you’ll find yourself without a suspension adjustment possibility. The more serious option is that the compressor that physically raises or lowers the car has failed. This will require more time and more expense to fix, but is important if you want your car to function normally.

Returning your suspension to its ideal state will prevent this damage from spreading to any other area of the car and keep you and your passengers safe. Therefore, we highly recommend taking your Discovery 4 to a local Land Rover repair technician for the best possible service at the best possible price.

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